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Scraperite Tradesman Mini Combo Holder & 3+3 Blades Pack

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Scraperite Tradesman Mini Combo Holder & 3+3 Blades Pack

Scraperite SRTD33GPO Combination Pack is bundled with:
* 1 x Scraperite Tradesman Mini Holder
* 3 x Scraperite General Purpose Curvey(TM) plastic safety scraper blades
* 3 x Scraperite General Purpose Standard Rectangle plastic safety scraper blades

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Scraperite's unique plastic composite blade technology delivers more accuracy and efficiency than a metal blade, but without the risk of corrosion, surface damage, or personal injury.
Scraperite's range of specifically engineered General Purpose (GPO) plastic blades and holders are fit for purpose across diverse industries and tasks.

* Acrylic and polycarbonate materials
* Car detailing/care- tree sap, tar, dead bugs, bird dung, road grime
* Glass & window cleaning
* Glass coating & tinting
* DIY projects
* Electronics & sensitive elements
* Wood furniture & fittings
* Vinyl and plastics
* Engine maintenance (removing gasket build-up, melted rubber, oil residue)
* Fibreglass repair and clean-up
* Paint splatters
* Sealants and adhesives
* Sign making
* Steel surface residues
* Sticker removal
* And many more applications!
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